Age of Fire

A FireComic Project

Age of Fire (or Agni Jugh, अग्नि युग, আগুনের যুগ) A retelling of Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables set in colonial India


AGE OF FIRE is the story of Jyoti Vajan, who refused to help the East India Company subdue the rampaging revolutionary Mangal Pandey and gets sentenced to 25 years of hard labour for his disobedience. Upon his release, Jyoti breaks parole and starts a new life with a new identity only to be chased by inspector Jadav, who hunts him down for his parole violation. Jyoti helps a poor dying factory worker by saving her child, Khushi, from innkeepers who are holding her captive as a slave. Jyoti and Khushi flee to Calcutta to escape Jadav but not for long as Jadav becomes the chief of police there and is hellbent on capturing Jyoti. Ten years later, Khushi becomes a woman and falls in love with an idealist revolutionary who wants to drive away the British occupiers with a head in the cloud plan of creating a blockade and with assistance from Japan. In order to protect Khushi, Jyoti finds himself reluctantly having to join a revolution yet again.

The Online Comic Book Experience:

Every month, we will add a new chapter of this timeless classic. It is a multimedia sensation with music, animation, and of course a comic of a good story well told.

You can read this comic with or without the music running but the creator of this comic, Rudy Rupak, has meant for the music to heard as you read this story to get you in the mood.

Now Available

Chapter One: Independence Day
Languages Available: English
(Note if you want to read this in another language just set your default browser settings to the language of your choice)


Written and Conceptualised by: Rudy Rupak
Design and Illustration: Fitra Sunandar
Music by: Keiran Porey along with JMC Academy Sydney's Big Band alongside the Sydney Youth Orchestra (with a sampling of Led Zeppelin's Kashmir). Listen to the music track only here: (Age of Fire Intro)
Chapter Two: Who Cares For The Future (if they can’t look past your past)


I am not creating this project for profit. My goals are to tell this amazing story of Victor Hugo's Les Miserables but set in colonial India with the overall goal to have it made into a movie. That being said donations to offset the cost of artists, designers, and especially musicians would always be welcome so if you feel this chapter is worth a buck or two or five ;-) your donations would be appreciated. You can do so via below link